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13 Tips for Dry January: How To Slay the Sober Game

Dry January is a popular challenge where individuals abstain from alcohol for the first month of the new year. This month-long detox can be a great way to reset your relationship with alcohol and start the year on a healthy note. However, completing Dry January successfully can be a daunting task for many. That’s why The Moodment compiled a list of 13 tips to help you slay the sober game and make it through the month with ease. From staying motivated to dealing with social situations, these tips for Dry January will guide you towards a successful and rewarding experience:

1. Understand why you’re doing Dry January

Calendar kicking off the month of Dry January.

One of the most important tips for Dry January is understanding the reasons behind your decision to participate. This is crucial for a successful completion of the challenge. Ask yourself why you want to give up alcohol for a month. Are you looking to improve your overall health and well-being? Do you want to save money or challenge yourself mentally and physically? By understanding your motivation, you will have a clear purpose to hold onto during the difficult moments.

Whether it’s to prove to yourself that you can do it or to reset your relationship with alcohol, knowing why you’re doing it will help you stay focused and committed throughout the month.

2. Set clear and realistic goals

Goal journal

Setting clear and realistic goals is one of the best tips for Dry January because it will help guide you towards success while completing Dry January. It’s important to determine what you want to achieve during this month-long challenge. Do you want to completely abstain from alcohol, or do you want to limit your consumption to a certain number of days or occasions? By setting clear goals, you’ll have a roadmap to follow and a sense of direction.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure your goals are both realistic and achievable. Don’t set yourself up for failure by aiming for perfection. Instead, set goals that challenge you but are also attainable. This will help you stay motivated and increase your chances of completing Dry January successfully.

3. Remove all temptations


Removing all temptations is one of the best tips for Dry January completion.

First, get rid of any alcohol that you have in your home, whether it’s hidden away in a cupboard or prominently displayed in your fridge. Out of sight, out of mind! Second, avoid going to places that might tempt you to drink, such as bars or clubs. Instead, focus on finding alternative activities and environments that support your goal of staying sober.

Additionally, clean out your social media feeds by unfollowing accounts that promote alcohol or trigger cravings. By removing all temptations, you’ll create a supportive environment that makes it easier to stay committed to your Dry January journey.

4. Find suitable alternatives


When participating in Dry January, finding suitable alternatives to alcohol can make all the difference. Instead of reaching for a drink, explore different non-alcoholic beverages like mocktails, herbal teas, or sparkling water with fruit garnishes. Experiment with new flavors and ingredients to create exciting and refreshing concoctions.

You can also engage in activities that provide similar enjoyment or relaxation as drinking, such as going for a walk, trying a new hobby, or indulging in a spa day. Finding alternatives will not only help distract you from any alcohol cravings but also show you that there are many enjoyable experiences to be had without alcohol.

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5. Create a support system

A group of friends spending time together during Dry January

Creating a support system is one of the best tips for Dry January because the more people who support you, the stronger you will be on this journey. This month, make sure to surround yourself with people who understand and support your decision to abstain from alcohol. This could be friends, family, or even joining online communities or support groups dedicated to sobriety.

By sharing your journey with others, you’ll have a built-in network of encouragement and accountability. Lean on them during moments of temptation or when you need someone to talk to. They can provide valuable advice, share their own experiences, and remind you of your goals.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone.

6. Plan your social calendar

Woman smiling at a party

One of the best tips for Dry January is to plan your social calendar wisely. Do this by taking a look at your upcoming events and consider how each one may impact your sober curious journey. If you have a party or gathering where alcohol will be present, think about whether it’s a good idea to attend. If you do decide to go, prepare yourself by bringing your own non-alcoholic drinks and mentally rehearsing ways to politely decline alcohol.

Additionally, try to prioritize activities and events that don’t revolve around drinking. Look for opportunities to connect with others and have fun without the need for alcohol.

7. Practice saying no

No is a complete sentence.

When participating this month, one of the best tips for Dry January is mastering the most important skill you’ll need to develop — saying no to alcohol. It can be challenging to decline a drink, especially when others around you are indulging. Practicing saying no is essential for successfully completing the challenge. One way to do this is by rehearsing different responses in advance, so you feel prepared when the moment arises. You can say, “No, thank you, I’m doing Dry January,” or simply, “I’m not drinking tonight.”

Saying no doesn’t have to be rude or confrontational. Be confident in your decision and stay true to your goals.

8. Reward yourself

Woman relaxing in the bath tub during Dry January

Rewarding yourself along the way is key throughout Dry January. As you navigate this alcohol-free month, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, big or small. Treat yourself to something special, like a massage, a new book, or a day trip to your favorite destination. Rewarding yourself helps to reinforce your progress and motivate you to continue on your sober journey.

Remember, you’re doing something challenging and beneficial for your well-being, so it’s important to recognize and appreciate your efforts. So go ahead, indulge yourself and celebrate your commitment to a healthier, alcohol-free lifestyle!

9. Keep a journal

Woman on a rock writing in a journal

Keeping a journal during Dry January is powerful for self-reflection and motivation. Take a few minutes each day to jot down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Documenting your journey can help you gain insight into your relationship with alcohol and the progress you’re making.

Use your journal as a space to celebrate your wins, express any challenges or cravings you may be facing, and track any positive changes you notice in your overall well-being. It’s a reminder of your commitment and serves as a tangible record of your accomplishments. Plus, looking back at your journal after completing Dry January can be incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

10. Stay active

Stay active during Dry January.

One of the best tips for Dry January is remembering to stay active. Exercise not only helps to distract you from alcohol cravings, but it also releases endorphins, which can improve your mood and overall well-being.

Find physical activities that you enjoy, whether it’s going for a run, taking a yoga class, or even just going for a walk in nature. The important thing is to keep your body moving and engage in activities that bring you joy. Plus, by staying active, you’ll not only boost your physical health but also strengthen your mental and emotional resilience.

11. Be kind to yourself

Leave time for self care during Dry January

During your journey through Dry January, it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself. This challenge can be difficult at times, and it’s crucial to treat yourself with compassion and understanding.

If you slip up and have a drink, don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of any journey, and it’s all about progress, not perfection. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them.

Celebrate the small victories along the way, and don’t forget to practice self-care. Take time to relax, indulge in your favorite activities, and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Being kind to yourself will help you stay motivated, positive, and ultimately succeed in completing Dry January.

12. Evaluate your progress

Writing in a progress journal can help track your Dry January journey.

Once you’re well into your Dry January journey, make time to evaluate your progress. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and the challenges you’ve overcome. Are you noticing any positive changes in your overall well-being? Are you feeling more energized, sleeping better, or experiencing mental clarity? Celebrate these victories and acknowledge the progress you’ve made.

It’s also important to evaluate any setbacks or slip-ups you may have had. Remember, setbacks are normal and provide an opportunity for growth. Use these experiences as learning moments and make adjustments to your approach if needed.

13. Make a post-January plan

Drinking sparkling water is one of the best tips for Dry January.

As Dry January comes to a close, think about what happens next. Making a post-January plan can help ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste and that you continue on a path of healthy choices.

Start by reflecting on the positive changes you experienced during the month. Did you notice improvements in your physical and mental well-being? Use this as motivation to continue your alcohol-free journey.

Set new goals and make a plan for how you will incorporate these changes into your long-term lifestyle. Consider finding a balance that works for you, whether that’s continuing to abstain from alcohol completely or incorporating occasional moderation. Whatever you decide, just make sure your goal is to maintain a healthier relationship with alcohol moving forward.

Ready for a booze break?

Whether you want to commit to living a fully sober life or you’re going for the gold over the course of January’s 31 days, just know you’re doing something positive for yourself. Dr. James C. Garbutt, an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the Bowels Center for Alcohol Studies at the University of North Carolina, told TODAY.com, “Trying a period of sobriety such as Dry January can be very positive.” So, invest in yourself with this radical form of self-care — you’re absolutely worth it.

Cheers to you!