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Springtime cannabis strains

Cannabis Strains For Spring You Have To Try

Spring — a season for beautiful beginnings. As we move towards sunnier, blue-sky days and start thawing out from winter’s icy grip, now is a perfect time to upgrade your seasonal cannabis selections. Whether you’re looking for a focused high or a strain that boosts happiness, there’s something for everyone this spring — and just in time for celebrating 420. These are the must-try cannabis strains for spring:

Super Lemon

Spring is here — it’s time to perk up. If you’re looking for creatively stimulating and energizing cannabis strains for spring, put Super Lemon at the top of your seasonal to-do list. Want something to accompany you on a springtime walk? Make this a go-to!

With a flavor profile that will awaken your tastebuds and make your mouth pucker, Super Lemon is a citrus lovers cannabis dream. 

As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is perfect for putting a spring in your step. If energy and euphoria are what you’re after this season, give in to the citrusy vibes of this wildly popular strain. Try Super Lemon for yourself here.

Green Crack

If you’re looking to elevate your focus this season, Green Crack is one of the best cannabis strains for spring to try. 

Known for its motivating effects, fans of Green Crack often say this sweet but earthy Sativa helps them get shit done. Additionally, thanks to its talkative and clarity-driving nature, Green Crack is also an exceptional strain for socializing. 

Helpful with anxiety, depression, and stress, Green Crack is truly a feel-good cannabis option as we transition into warmer, sunnier days. Stock up on this strain here!

Pineapple Express

Whether you’re canna-curious or a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of Pineapple Express. A sativa-dominated hybrid, Pineapple Express is one of the most happiness-inducing cannabis strains for spring. 

Uplifting and motivating, Pineapple Express will have you feeling high above the clouds in a fit of pure happiness. Known for its bright,  tropical notes, a few puffs of Pineapple Express will have you feeling like you’re on spring break. 

Beloved by medical marijuana patients, this cannabis strain is excellent at relieving symptoms of depression, fatigue, pain, and stress. So, if you’re looking for a good time or something to help your body feel good, indulge in Pineapple Express this spring — it always gets the job done. Stock up on this cannabis strain here.


If you want to relax a little, try Mimosa, one of the most beloved hybrid cannabis strains for spring. 

For those looking for a happy, level-headed high, a small dose of Mimosa will help you have the best day…ever. Want a more focused and relaxing experience? Up your Mimosa dosage for a relaxed, focused, and happy mood. 

Known for its fruity and citrus-soaked aroma, this hybrid strain is a perfect pick-me-up on any spring day. Snag a 3Chi Mimosa vape here.

Blue Dream

If you cross Blueberry and Haze strains together, you get Blue Dream — one of the most Sativia-dominant cannabis strains for spring. 

Looking to feel energized, euphoric, creative, and happy as a clam? Blue Dream will take you there. Known for its sweet berry flavor profile, this cannabis strain is also beloved for treating symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and even nausea. 

Blue Dream is a spectacular strain for this time of year because it will allow you to relax, focus, and be in the present moment — perfect for days in the garden, picnics with friends, and self-care weekends. Ready for your own blue dream? Get it here!

White Runtz

Searching for a springtime potent hybrid? Look no further — White Runtz is a crossover between Gelato and Zkittlez strains. And yes, it’s delightful. 

With a soft flavor profile that gives off hints of peach and vanilla, White Runtz is one of the must-have cannabis strains for spring thanks to its sweetness.  Great at helping cannabis consumers feel relaxed and even a little tingly, this spring cannabis strain is known for producing long-lasting effects. 

If you’re looking for a heavy hitter with an uplifting effect, make this hybrid your go-to. 

White CBG

Finally, are you feeling like your body is a little worn out? Perhaps you overdid it in the flower beds or on your first hike of the season. Don’t fret — White CBG is a life-changing cannabis strain for spring that you can add to your repertoire. 

Known for its woodsy flavor profile, White CBG is helpful for those experiencing anxiety, depression, and pain. It, also, helps users achieve relaxation, sleepiness, and pointed focus. 

Not familiar with CBG as a strain? Well, CBG is a cannabinoid known to be a muscle relaxant. Additionally, it is also beloved for its anti-inflammatory properties. Made of mostly CBG (no THC), this cannabis strain will deeply relax your body — without giving you any sense of a high. Shop CBG products here!

Shout out to this unsung hero of cannabis strains!

Live life in full bloom

No matter what your plans are for spring, make sure you leave time to connect with yourself and your needs. Whether you need self-care, rest, a kick in the pants, or a little more focus, there is a cannabis strain waiting to help you feel your best. Tell us in the comments your favorite cannabis strains for spring, we can’t wait to hear what works for you!