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Books To Open Your Third Eye

In the spirit of our next MoodRXtreat cannabis retreat where we’ll be working on our 6th chakra (third eye) which is all about intuition, self-realization, inspiration and imagination — I thought I would put together my favorite books (and ones I haven’t read yet) that tap into helping you see the world in new ways. Here are the best books to open your third eye:

1. Born to Create: How Creativity Sparks Connection, Innovation, and Belonging In Our New World of Work

A book to open your third eye

This is one of those books to open your third eye — especially in the workplace. A great read for employees who change their workplace environment. Whether it’s through personal creativity, modern leadership skills, and a desire to set standard organization culture ablaze, “Born To Create” will move you to get in touch with your 6th chakra. Get inspired and pick up a copy here.

2. The Ideal Life: 7 Steps to Harness Your Stress, Discover Your Purporse, and Achieve Your Goals

Third eye opening book

For the first time, modern technology has allowed biologists to map the inner chemicals that actually cause us to be happy. And with that, positive psychologists have used that information to construct the pillars of a meaningful life. Our inner reward systems were designed for a purpose, and understanding that design can allow you to take control of your anxiety and convert it into meaningful action.

This is one of those must-read books to open your third eye. And luckily for all readers, the author will teach you how you can use key steps to develop your own growth mindset. Get ready to pursue the purpose of your own ideal life after reading this. Go after your “Ideal Life” here and pick up this transformative self-help book.

3. Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition

Self-help book focused on your third eye opening

First things first, we’ve all experienced moments of “knowing” that defy logic and reason. But just what is this extra sense and how does it work? Why do certain life experiences—falling in love, feeling intense grief, having a near-death experience—seem to bring it on? Let this thoughtful and illuminating guide help you coax out your intuitive wisdom.

As one of the most helpful books to open your third eye and connect with your 6th chakra, “Your Sixth Sense” has to go on your TBR (to be read) pile. Add it to your cart here.

4. The Magic Path of Intuition

One of the best books to open your third eye with

As far as it goes with books to open your third eye, “The Magic Path of Intuition” is absolutely one to read. The affirmations in this self-help book will take you on a journey that shows you how to cultivate your intuition while releasing any resistance.

Plus, if you’re looking to release and combat personal fear and doubt — this book will become a major healing tool. Order it here to tap into what is deep inside.

5. Pineal Gland — A 360° Analysis

Pineal Gland is a way to open your third eye

Let me cut to the chase, “Pineal Gland” by Evelyn Schneider-Mark is one of the most incredible books to open your third eye.

This extensive guide will explain the scientific fundamentals of the pineal gland. Ultimately, it will teach. you how you can optimally activate your “third eye.” Additionally, this book will touch on how to descale, purify, detoxify, and fully awaken your pineal gland. If you’re ready for a full analysis, pick up this book here.

6. The Vital Spark: Reclaim Your Outlaw Energies and Find Your Feminine Fire

Books to open your third eye

“The Vital Spark” is one of the books to open your third eye by taking its readers on an immersive journey. If you’re ready to reclaim the split-off parts of yourself, this is for you. If you are ready to enliven and rejuvenate yourself wholly, this book is a must-read.

Allow yourself to become who you are meant to be. Snag a copy of this book here.

Activate what’s already within

I hope that you’ll pick one of these books to open your third eye to read. If you’re ready to expand your mind to all the power and creativity it has in it, trust me — these recommendations will start you off on the right foot of your journey.