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Best healing crystals for your collection

The 10 Best Healing Crystals For Women

Looking to add a little extra sparkle to your self-care routine? Add some of these best healing crystals into your life! Here at The Moodment, we believe crystals — magical gems — promote healing, balance, and positive energy and have been used for centuries.

So, if you’re a modern, busy AF woman juggling work, family, and everything in between, why not treat yourself to the best healing crystals to help you navigate life’s ups and downs with a little more zen?

These healing crystals are must-haves for every woman with a crystal collection:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst crystals make some of the best healing crystals

Struggling to catch those elusive Z’s in a world that never hits the pause button? Let’s introduce you to your new sleepover BFF, amethyst. This gem doesn’t just sit pretty; it’s like a lullaby for your brain. Imagine it whispering, “Chill, girl, I got this,” as it escorts your overthinking mind out the door.

Tuck this purple powerhouse under your pillow or let it grace your nightstand, and watch it work its sleepy magic. Amethyst is one of the best healing crystals for those nights when your brain’s buzzing with a million thoughts.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz in multiple forms

Swipe left on emotional emptiness and double-tap into the heart of real connection with rose quartz, your digital detox in crystal form. It’s no secret that our quest for Insta-worthy moments can leave our love tanks running empty. But fear not!

Rose quartz is like that wise auntie who knows a thing or two about love, minus the unsolicited advice. It whispers sweet nothings of self-love and compassion, reminding you that the most important heart to double-tap is your own. Whether you’re manifesting moonlit walks with your soulmate or just trying to feel less #foreveralone during family gatherings, this pink gem is your go-to wing-woman.

3. Citrine

Citrine crystals.

Oh, Citrine, the sunshine in crystal form, ready to blast those blues away with its radiant vibes! Think of it as your personal cheerleader, tucked in your pocket or purse, doing backflips every time you’re feeling a bit meh.

Whether you’re battling Monday blues or the everyday blahs, Citrine’s there to sprinkle a little joy on your parade. It’s not just any mood lifter; it’s the equivalent of opening your blinds to a flood of sunlight after binge-watching your favorite comfort show for the third time.

Plus, citrine is one of the best healing crystals for those looking to inject a healthy dose of optimism into the world.

4. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the best healing crystals and you can even get it in a gua shua.

Imagine having a personal bodyguard, but for your vibes. Enter Black Tourmaline, the ultimate bad-vibes bouncer that doesn’t need a guest list to know who’s not welcome.

Picture this: You’ve got drama knocking at your door, stress trying to crash your inner peace party, and anxiety loitering around like it owns the place. That’s when Black Tourmaline steps up, flexes its crystalline muscles, and says, “Not today, negativity. This club is VIP only.” So, next time you’re about to step into a situation that feels like walking into a wall of bad vibes, just remember: Black Tourmaline’s got your back.

Slip a piece into your pocket or place it by your front door, and watch it work its protective magic.

5. Selenite

Selenite with a smudge stick

Ever find your brain’s browser has too many tabs open? Selenite to the rescue! This isn’t just your average crystal; it’s like the ultimate cosmic delete button for mental clutter. Got a head full of worries, to-do lists, and what’s-for-dinner dilemmas? Selenite swoops in like, “Let’s clear all that junk out, pronto!”

Plop this crystal on your workspace or chill zone, and it’s like hitting the refresh button on your mental desktop. No more spinning wheel of doom when you’re trying to meditate or manifest your best life. Selenite is all about getting your mind’s playlist to play some smooth, focus-enhancing tunes.

6. Carnelian

Carnelian crystal

Carnelian, you fiery little cheerleader, whispering sweet nothings of “You got this, girl” into the ears of every modern woman who’s hit the motivational snooze button one too many times. This sizzling orange gem is like your own personal hype squad, packed into a crystal.

Feeling as motivated as a sloth on a lazy Sunday? Pop a carnelian into your pocket, and suddenly you’re ticking off those goals like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the spark plug for your ambition.

Whether you’re tackling a marathon of meetings or diving headfirst into your passion project, Carnelian is the pat on the back, saying, “Let’s crush it!” Forget caffeine – this is your best healing crystal for ready-to-go energy.

7. Turquoise

Turqouise is a powerful rock — making it one of the best healing crystals.

Imagine this: You’re knee-deep in deadlines, your social calendar’s a hot mess, and your inner peace is playing hide and seek. Enter Turquoise, the Zen master in crystal form, ready to mellow your highs and buoy your lows.

This gem is like the spa day your soul’s been craving but without the hefty price tag. Just having this stone around is like getting a cosmic back rub, easing you into a state of chill you thought was reserved for yogis and meditators.

When the world’s volume is cranked up to eleven, let Turquoise be your mute button. Slip this stone into your pocket or drape it around your neck, and watch as serenity takes the driver’s seat.

8. Moonstone

Moonstones and tarot cards

Moonstone — the unsung hero of hormonal harmony, ready to smooth out those endocrine rollercoasters like a seasoned theme park operator. This glimmering gem doesn’t just sit pretty; it’s on a mission to keep your inner tides as calm as a zen garden.

Picture it as your personal hormone whisperer, saying, “Let’s not turn this molehill into a mountain, shall we?” Perfect for those days when your moods are swinging faster than a pendulum at a hypnosis convention.

Also, moonstone is your secret weapon against the tempest of premenopause and perimenopause, bringing a sense of balance that’s as soothing as a cup of herbal tea on a chaotic day. Keep it close and let its lunar magic work wonders on your womanly woes.

9. Jade

A collection of crytals

Roll out the green carpet, because Jade is making its grand entrance as the prosperity magnet of the crystal world. This isn’t just your garden-variety gem; it’s the VIP pass to the abundance festival.

Imagine Jade as that friend who’s always spotting pennies on the sidewalk but for your life. It’s all about turning those “broke as a joke” days into “money in the bank” moments. Stash a piece of Jade in your purse or wallet, and watch it work like a charm to attract wealth vibes faster than a magnet scoops up paper clips.

10. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the best healing crystals to have

Step aside, pep talks and self-help books, because Lapis Lazuli is crashing the confidence party with its majestic blue vibes. This isn’t just a stone; it’s your personal hype woman, decked out in royal blue, ready to push you into the spotlight where you belong.

Struggling with a case of imposter syndrome? Lapis Lazuli is here to call bluff on those doubts, empowering you to strut your stuff with the poise of a catwalk model. Next time you need a little nudge to remind you of the powerhouse you truly are, let Lapis Lazuli be your sparkly blue kick in the butt.

Heal deeper

Whether you’re looking for the best healing crystals to keep in your tote bag or you’re looking for a new way to connect and unwind within your body on a daily basis, give into what you need for self-care. There is something for everyone when it comes to types of self-care!