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Cannabis Retreat #1 for 2024: In the Books

We have just wrapped up our first cannabis retreat of the year, and let me tell you, it was an absolutely incredible weekend.

Exploring chakras at our women’s cannabis retreat

For this year’s retreats, we decided to explore different chakras with each event, tailoring our itinerary accordingly. Our focus for the last retreat was on grounding ourselves and working on our root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. We introduced a range of exciting new activities including invigorating nature walks, mesmerizing chakra dancing sessions, and insightful journaling exercises with prompts specially crafted to align with these specific charkas.

Connecting through cannabis

By incorporating more wellness activities into our retreats, we aimed to strike the perfect balance between introspection and fun. And of course, the addition of cannabis pairings heightened the overall experience, allowing everyone to fully unwind and connect with their inner selves.

One thing that struck me during our opening circle was how remarkably alike we all are. Each woman present was grappling with questions of identity, empowerment, and self-care. It became abundantly clear that these cannabis retreats hold a special significance for moms in particular. We had one mom who had never tried cannabis before, as well as regular users among us.

Watching everyone react to their tarot card readings left me in awe. Tears flowed freely as AJ affirmed what they already knew deep down inside. To follow this emotional journey, we gathered around a crackling fire for some s’mores and cherished moments of relaxation. The sound bath therapy provided an oasis of calmness and rejuvenation, filling the space with gentle vibrations that left everyone feeling centered and at peace.

Connecting with nature

I had the honor of leading the nature walk, where initially, I had to remind everyone to stay focused and embrace intentionality. Of course, lively conversations unfolded along the way, adding to the richness of the experience. However, it was during our moments of quiet contemplation and tree hugging that true magic occurred. Each person became grounded with the earth, drawing inspiration from these trees awakening after a dormant winter. It served as a beautiful reminder that we too can start anew with a fresh mindset.

Chilling out

Another incredible activity was contrast therapy, an opportunity for participants to surrender themselves to both icy cold and soothing warmth. Witnessing them immerse themselves in this transformative journey was truly remarkable. The profound calmness that washed over them while soaking in the hot tub was unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend trying it for yourself.

Of course, all our activities were expertly paired with different cannabis options. Attendees especially loved the Beboe Cloud 9 Gummies, Happi Seltzers, and White Wedding Strain.

Ready to come to a cannabis retreat?

Every participant left our retreat feeling more empowered and equipped with invaluable tools to take back into their daily lives. I am already buzzing with excitement for our next cannabis retreat in June, where we will explore the wonders of our 6th Chakra – The Third Eye. Join us at our breathtaking location in Union Pier, Michigan for another unforgettable experience.

Learn more about all of our cannabis retreats at MoodRXtreats.